Welcome to the online platform for the Caribbean Migration Consultations (CMC). A portal that allows you to network with experts and members, to learn from our updated resources, and serves as a hub to exchange new ideas and best practices to contribute to the improvement of migration governance in the Caribbean.

About the Caribbean Migration Consultations


In 2016, the Caribbean Migration Consultations (CMC) was launched to offer a cooperation framework on migration for the Caribbean region.


The CMC pursues several goals, including to facilitate cooperation and coordination among states and other stakeholders to meet on an equal footing to address issues of both common and unique concern. For this reason, IOM has created the Caribbean Migration portal to support the CMC in its objectives.


This platform will serve members of the CMC, as well as individuals and organizations wishing to engage with migration-related research and policy in the Caribbean by providing a space to learn, connect and contribute.

Our Blog

The Blog includes contributions from members as well as migration specialists. Follow the blog for relevant insights into migration-related topics in the Caribbean region. Have a contribution? Post your knowledge HERE!