The main objective of this two-day technical-level meeting is to discuss and recommend for adoption various documents with a view to formalizing the structure and objectives of the CMC, taking into consideration the outcomes and priorities of the various meetings, workshops, and consultations that have taken place to date. It is envisioned that the documents will be endorsed at a technical-level during the present meeting, to be recommended for formal adoption through a high-level mechanism for policy endorsement to take place in 2020.

To this end, the meeting will have three main objectives in order to further consolidate the CMC as a dialogue mechanism on migration governance and international protection in the Caribbean:

  1. Develop Statement of Ideals and Guiding Principles in order to prepare a Draft Declaration, and consideration will be given to agreeing on a new name for the forum;
  2. Define the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the CMC for the continuity and sustainability of the regional dialogue, including issues related to possible structures, leadership, and financing methods; 
  3. Define a Regional Plan of Action with respective thematic areas, activities and indicators.

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