• 16-18 September 2019 
  • Kingston, Jamaica


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This two-day, inter-institutional Consultation will aim at addressing some of the most common challenges faced by countries in the region. Guided by expertise of both countries and international organizations such as IOM and ILO, the workshop will provide countries with the possibility to share their experiences, address their concerns, present best practices and learn from other countries facing similar challenges.  


Moreover, this Workshop will help consolidating the information that countries shared related to their labour migration policies, priorities and needs during the Migration Governance Needs Assessments in ten Caribbean countries,3 conducted by IOM in 2018. 


The ultimate outcome of this workshop will be to create a CMC network of national labour and migration specialists and regional experts able to share information, data, and experiences in labour mobility and migration policies to advise policy makers within their governments. Resulting recommendations and conclusions for the workshop and working group will be produced to contribute to the Regional Plan of Action to be presented at the high-level meeting of the CMC in September. In addition, a working group within the network may be developed to improve data collection and sharing to contribute to the implementation of the Regional Action Plan. 


Topics to be addressed in the workshop include: 

  • Limited data on labour migration; 

  • Lack of comparable data within governmental institutions within in the same countries. Data sharing issues with regional agencies and institutions; 

  • Development and improvement of Labour Market Information Systems (LMIS) and opportunities for economic and labour force development within the free movement regimes of the OECS and CSME; 

  • Familial, societal, and governance challenges regarding circular seasonal migration within and outside the Caribbean region and maximizing the development potential for skills and knowledge exchange and remittances; and 

  • Challenges and opportunities in labour recruitment: resources for fair and ethical recruitment, protection of foreign workers, and the elimination of slavery and trafficking in persons.  




(Webinar disponible en español en el siguiente link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIWMgBQzhkQ )


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