The workshop aims to form a Caribbean-wide counter-trafficking network in order to improve information sharing and regional cooperation to prevent and respond to human trafficking. The two-day event will include discussions of the current human trafficking context in the Caribbean, and of ongoing efforts by states and territories to identify and assist victims as well as to investigate and prosecute traffickers.


The workshop will be participatory, with space for the representatives to share information about current efforts and counter-trafficking good practices from their country or territory that can be replicated, as well as to identify gaps and challenges in current regional cooperation. It is expected that the workshop will promote future counter-trafficking cooperation, through identification of the priorities of the CMC Counter-Trafficking Network for future actions and discussions on how the CT Network might continue to work together virtually through the Caribbean Platform for Migration Governance. An outcomes report from the workshop will be developed by IOM and finalized in cooperation with participants, including possible future actions and priorities for continued actions of the CMC Counter-Trafficking Network.

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