• Week of 9 September 2019
  • Kingston, Jamaica



The meeting will have three main objectives:

1. Establish the Caribbean Migration Conference as a dialogue on migration management and the protection of refugees in the Caribbean. This can be formalized through the discussion and approval of a declaration of ideals and objectives;

2. Define standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the continuity and sustainability of the regional dialogue, through the Caribbean Migration Conference:

a. Membership (regular, associate, observers);

b. Leadership and rotation of Chair-in-Office;

c. Calendar of meetings and activities for the year (including information exchanges, use of communication platforms, and development of projects);

d.Financial sustainability of the CMC;

e.Transitioning the Caribbean Migration Consultations to a Caribbean Migration Conference.


3. Define a regional plan of action with respective thematic areas and indicators.


The vice-ministerial meeting will be organized by the Government of Jamaica with the technical and financial support of the IOM and UNHCR.


The IOM and UNHCR will finance the meeting and up to two officials from each Caribbean State and the constituent parts of the Caribbean of European States. The desired profiles of the participants are:

  • Vice-minister or Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or equivalent;
  • Technical Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or of the Immigration Departments.

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