• 30 January 2019
  • 11 A.M. (AST)  


Join us at the upcoming webinar on the Potential of Diaspora and Development.

Many countries in the Caribbean are increasingly recognizing the potentials of their diasporas in terms of their human, social, economic and cultural capital and their great potential to contribute to the development and enhancement of their country of origin.


In this brief course we will focus on the role that diasporas can play in the development of their countries of origin, providing you with tools on how diaspora can engage with their countries of origin to become active agent of development .

Key aspects of the webinar:


  • Measures/activities to foster a proactive exchange with diasporas.
  • IOM’s 3 Es’ approach: Enable, Engage, Empower.
  • Best practices of diaspora engagement projects in the Caribbean.
  • The Global Compact and diaspora: recommended actions.


The webinar will be conducted by:


Michela Macchiavello, IOM Regional Specialist on Labour Migration and Human Development
Dr. Fitzgerald Yaw, Vice Chancellor of the Caribbean Diaspora Engagement Centre of the University of Guyana.
Eraina Yaw, IOM National Project Coordination for the Caribbean.




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