• 16 July 2018
  • 2:30 PM - AST


Following the final report from the Workshop on Human Mobility and Disasters in the Caribbean, we invite you to actively participate in the open-access webinar "Tools for Working with Migrants in Disaster Situations", to discuss about how we can implement new practices and tools to better assist migrants, following some key aspects:


  • Collecting data on migrants to inform disaster prevention, preparedness and response.
  • Building the capacity of emergency management actors and personnel to deliver services inclusively in affected communities.
  • Improving coordination among key institutions at local, national and regional level.


This webinar is designed for emergency managers, consular officials and other stakeholders that work in fields of migration and disaster preparedness and response.


The webinar panelists are Lorenzo Guadagno, Manager, MICIC Capacity Building Program; and Luz Tantaruna, Regional Emergency & Post Crisis Adviser for the Americas from IOM.



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