San José, Costa Rica — The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has begun 2019 with the launch of E-Campus, a free online learning platform on migration. E-campus provides an opportunity for government officials, civil society, students, academics and anyone interested in updating their knowledge in human mobility. 


The platform was first piloted at the regional level, within the framework of the IOM Regional Migration Programme: Mesoamerica-Caribbean, with more than 6,000 students completing a course between 2015 and 2018. Right now, E-Campus online learning tool, has more than 20 courses in Spanish, English and French. All courses are facilitated by experts and specialized institutions with broad, updated content covering diverse topics such as migration management, attention to migrants in conditions of vulnerability, LGBTI migrant populations, human trafficking and labour migration, among others. Most courses can be completed within three to five hours, with an IOM certificate awarded at the end.  


According to the International Journal of Information and Education Technology (2018), some of the benefits of e-learning include more immediate feedback for students, improvements in performance and encouragement of high thinking skills, that is, analysis, evaluation, and creation.  


“The world is changing, and solutions must adapt. E-Campus is an excellent migration learning tool which is easy to access and is laden with high-level content. Also, it is an opportunity for other organizations to conduct courses on common issues, in coordination with IOM,” said Marcelo Pisani, IOM Regional Director for Central America, North America, and the Caribbean. 


Register and have access to all of the courses here:   


For more information, please contact Alexandra Bonnie at the IOM Regional Office for Central America, North America and the Caribbean. Tel: + 506 2212-5304, e-mail: