Regional Consultative Processes are frequently chaired by a country in the role of a President Pro-Tempore. As the CMC is currently in the consolidation process, there is no current presidency. Rules, procedures, and structure will be adopted to establish the CMC, during a future high-level meeting.


The CPMG will update this information as the consolidation process advances.





The countries participating in the Caribbean Regional Consultative Process are encouraged to appoint a Technical Secretariat (TS) as a support mechanism for monitoring the process, coordination and assistance for Specialized Thematic Networks, and to implement activities on behalf of the president pro-tempore, and activities that arise from the Process itself.


  • The TS is to receive general direction and supervision from the country holding the Presidency Pro-Témpore (PPT) of the CMC. The technical secretariat is to implement such activities according to the mandates and guidelines resulting from each consultative meeting.


  • The TS is responsible for assisting the PPT in the management of the Process, including coordination of meetings and exchange of information via the