Good day friends and colleagues.


Let us share on this issue which is particularly on the rise in regions where the girl child were initially killed off as embryos or at birth because the society shunned the thought of females being born into families. The heir and pride and joy of families in India or China amongst others was the birth of male child.


Now those males have grown and are facing the challenge of not being able to find enough females to date in a normal fashion. Although there are legitimate ways that can be considered to address this acute imbalance, this, the mindset of de-humanizing the female is still so powerful in those traditions that they are now demanding increasing numbers of brides - often child brides- young girls - teens- which is no different from being a trafficked victim, except with another layer of emotional abuse because these females are raped several times by the men who buy them until they become pregnant.

Should they escape the situation more often than not they will never see the child again and this is the other layer of profound torture - mental and emotional torture - for them as mothers. Most often these girls who manage to return to their villages are shamed and condemn, even barred from work as a result.


These regions seldom have professional counselors to help them recover. So what can we say to the voice of power and the governments who upheld the suppression of the females' role in the society and robbed her of her right to be born ye are now victimizing again females who were never the cause of their decisions? Why should they have to "fix it now"? They should create and fund NGOs urgently, in the source, transit and destination regions of those girls so they can be rehabilitated while the put in place measures if non exists or enforce measures as the case may be, that will honour their parenting rights as well.


Claudia Monlouis - St.Lucia